About Us


As cliche as it may sound…At Pictured Beauty, our main priority is customer satisfaction!!

We specialize solely in eyebrows because practice makes perfect!

They say in order to master something you need to do it for 10,000 hours. We challenge this!
In order to master something, you must put your all into it AND…. You must admit to your mistakes and LEARN from them. You must problem solve as many problems as you can. In order to do this, you must work on your craft every. single. day. and ALSO understand that there are ALWAYS new techniques, new tools, new ideas that you may not already know. THUS, you must always seek improvement!

THAT is why Pictured Beauty stands out.

We didn’t just take a weekend course and call ourselves experts. We seek improvement and chase perfection every day.

Your eyebrows shape your face.
And perfect is the only shape we tolerate



Eyebrows have always been a passion of mine. I always used to get bullied as a child about my eyebrows. I’m Romanian so I had a nice thick unibrow to sculpt mine out of!

Over the years I over-plucked and over-tweezed and I ended up with spots where my hair was not as dark and full.
I ended up getting my eyebrows Microbladed in 2015 and I absolutely hated it! The hair strokes were all blurred together into one, the shape was off and thankfully the poor technique used made them fade way too early. I then started looking into doing them myself.

With the intent to do my own eyebrows, I researched as diligently as I could to gather as much microblading information as possible so I can give myself the PERFECT EYEBROWS I had been waiting for! I found out the different names: 3D Brows, Eyebrow Embroidery, Eyebrow Feathering! Different Types: 3D Hair Strokes, Eyebrow Shading, Ombre Brows… the list goes on!
I gathered all of this information, got certified, practiced and practiced, and ultimately… chickened out.

So instead, I decided to make the lives of other women a little bit easier every morning and take it up as a career and here I am today!